On June 15, 1864, General Edward Hinks led his United States Colored Troops (USCT) in an attack on Petersburg. For many of the men, it was their first battle, but they entered the fray with more to prove than their white comrades. Join a ranger as we explore the history of the USCT, their role in the Opening Assaults, and the impact that day had on black soldiers throughout the army.

This SUNSET TOUR is a free program discussing key events during the Petersburg Campaign.  Petersburg National Battlefield and Petersburg Battlefields Foundation are partnering to offer these tours once a month between May and August.  Tours require a small amount of walking. Drinking water and comfortable shoes are recommended. All programs are subject to change. Changes or cancellations will be announced on Petersburg National Battlefield’s Facebook page. For more information or to determine the status of the programs, please call (804) 732-3531 ext. 200 or e-mail Ranger Ann Blumenschine at [email protected].

Photo is “Charge of the 22nd Negro Regiment, Petersburg, VA” by Andre Castaigne, 1892 – Courtesy of West Point Museum Art Collection, U.S.M.A.