You are invited to be at Centre Hill on the evening of January 24 to see the Civil War Cavalry soldiers return – they go upstairs to the General’s office for a few minutes and then they leave the property.   This annual tour allows visitors to go down into the tunnel under Centre Hill also. You may also meet: The Lady in White, the Ghost of Josephine McIlwaine, Archibald Campbell Pryor, Charles Davis, Jr. & Anne Augusta Banister. At precisely 7:30 pm everyone will be asked to be very still & quiet and all lights will be turned off so you can hear the soldiers on the stairs.  There will also be a Ghost Hunting Group present who will allow you to hear recordings from previous years.  A group will be admitted every 20 minutes from 6:00 pm – 8:40 pm.  You need to know that this tour involves multiple flights of steps.  Park either behind Centre Hill or on Franklin St.  Tickets on Eventbrite or at the Blandford Reception Center at 111 Rochelle Lane on Thursday – Sunday.