A guy who retired from the Navy as a submarine electronics technician, has a love of history and a passion for whiskey. Dave Reavis spent three years visiting distilleries, studying and observing “how it’s done”. Along with two brothers, he went to work clearing land and building his craft distillery, doing much of the work on weekends.

Three Brothers Distillery is a step back in time, and “amazing hidden treasure”. This distillery is on a farm back in the woods of Sussex County, Virginia on the boundary line with Prince George County, Virginia, much like the settings for stills in days gone by.  The George Straight Rye Whiskey starts with the base recipe that George Washington used. Dave takes locally grown grains and malts and controls the process in small batches. His first product was the Silk Jacket Naval Strength Compound Gin, now offered in a variety of restaurants in the Richmond and Hampton Roads areas. Next came the Ka Blam Unaged Corn Whiskey.

His methods are traditional, using a direct-fired copper still to produce the spirits. The tasting bar is one large wood slab. Frequently there is a bluegrass or country band playing in the yard on Saturday, maybe even a barbecue or stew.

Silk Jacket Naval Strength Compound Gin
George Straight Rye Whiskey
KaBlam Unaged Corn Whiskey

Three Brothers’ Distillery is open every Saturday from 10:00am-5:00pm and on Sundays by appointment. Even though it is in the woods, it is easily accessible from U. S. Route 460.