Presented by City of Hopewell

This is a Hopewell History Mystery Scavenger Hunt – a High Tech Version! You need to download the FREE mobile app from “Scavify” – get it though the App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, you will sign up and search “Hopewell History Mystery Hunt” to find Hopewell’s Treasure/Scavenger Hunt. The Hunt begins on Friday August 2 at precisely 6:00pm when 25 clues will be released throughout the August 2-4 weekend. An additional 25 clues will be released throughout August 9-11. You have until August 17 at 6:00pm to answer all 50 clues! Each clue will have a point value based on difficulty. Winners will be based upon who achieves the most points. You are going to go to new and historic landmarks as you move throughout the city and you will learn how Hopewell came to be. Don’t forget to scan the QR codes at each landmark. You may want to go ahead and download the app so you will be ready to begin the hunt on August 2nd. There will be prizes for the winners! Good Luck – Happy Hunting!