Presented by Petersburg Preservation Task Force

Centre Hill Mansion in Petersburg is a 197 year old former Petersburg residence, built in 1823. Over the years, it has become known as one of the city’s paranormal icons. With so much history, it seems that more than just brick and mortar have stuck to these walls. There are many ghost stories and odd occurrences that anchor themselves to Centre Hill; in fact, some may date back earlier than the building itself. Just to name a few, we have the revisiting “Ghost Brigade” that makes their presence known every year on the 24th of January at 7:30PM, the unknown “Lady in White”, an invisible musician and of course a few very energetic children.

Join us to hear more stories and if you’re lucky (or maybe unlucky) we can add a few to the next ghost tour from eye witness reports following this month’s event.

Attendees: Please not that the mansion’s parking is limited to about 25 cars and there is no parking permitted along the circular driveway in front of the mansion. We have overflow parking at the corner of Franklin and Jefferson Streets and the corner of Tabb and Adams Streets.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the time on the ticket you purchase. The time on the ticket is the time the tour begins and we need to allow time for check in.

Purchase tickets at: