Presented by Hopewell/Prince George Chamber of Commerce & Visitor's Center

Texas photographer, Pedro Ledesma, will open his long awaited exhibition on Hopewell. Come see his photographs and hear about his creative process.

About the artist:
My photography depicts moments that transcend time, inviting self-reflection beyond the instant captured to a place in time. These moments reflect my own evolving journey of self-understanding of childhood, identity, belonging, and community, evoking moods of nostalgia, empathy, loneliness, and hope.

Photography gives me a tool of engagement into new communities and a new perspective on old ones. Like my studies in economics and engineering, it provides a language to both make sense of the world and share my understanding with others. Unlike these studies, photography has largely been self-taught, slowly unfolding with organic maturation.

Like many before me, my exploration of the world to better understand my place beckons me back home. The excited anticipation in my youth of setting sail across the seas has given way to a nervous curiosity in adulthood of turning over previously unattended stones in my backyard.

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