While laying siege to Petersburg, Grant established his headquarters at City Point, a small port town at the confluence of the James and Appomattox rivers. Overnight, the town and adjacent Appomattox Plantation became one of the busiest ports in the world as hundreds of ships delivered food, clothing, and ammunition. Huge warehouses built along the waterway stored food for 100,000 men and forage for 65,000 horses and mules. Seven hospitals covering an area of 200 acres could treat up to 10,000 patients.

While running the war from City Point, General Grant received many notable political and military visitors, including President Abraham Lincoln (visit www.walkinlincolnsfinalfootsteps) and General William T. Sherman. The most welcome visitors were his wife and son, who stayed with him in his cabin for the last three months of the siege.

The Appomattox Plantation house is staffed year-round and provides an audio-visual program, tours of the house and Grant’s cabin, and self-guided walks around the point.