This 35-year-old restaurant couldn’t be more classically Southern. Founded and owned by the Stewart family the entire time, this much-beloved establishment serves up great Barbecue Pork, Brisket and St. Louis-style Ribs along with all the favorite sides that you can imagine. Ronnie Stewart had always dreamed of owning a restaurant while serving in the Prince George County Police Department. He achieved that dream, even before he retired from the Police Department, thanks to his wife Linda taking the helm from the start. Sons Tim and Jeff ultimately joined the business too. Together they all continue to serve delicious food both at the restaurant, and through catering.

The family describes their barbecue as a Virginia/Carolina blend (Ronnie Stewart hails from South Carolina). They use a mixture of hardwoods to smoke the meat for 14 to 15 hours. The sauce is homemade and is the same one that Ronnie and Linda concocted 35 years ago. Interestingly, they use the sauce when cooking the Ribs which often baffles customers as they say it tastes different from the sauce they know. However, when cooked, the vinegar in the sauce evaporates resulting in a much sweeter taste.

Nanny’s is not only known for their barbecue, but also their Fried Chicken. It’s so legendary that once a serious fan was craving it so much during her pregnancy that she got in her car and drove all the way from Georgia to get some! Their Sweet Tea is also hugely popular.

When you ask the family what they love best about our region, the answer is simple: the people. So many locals have grown up with Nanny’s being an integral part of their lives. For out-of-towners, they say that some folks plan their vacations around their opening hours! With such easy proximity to I-95, it’s a great stop off point for some terrific local food if you’re traveling.