Some who visit Croaker’s Spot may think it’s named after the fish, after all it’s a soul and seafood restaurant.

“A lot of people think the place is named after the fish called croaker, but it’s not,” says Neverett Eggleston III, owner of Croaker’s Spot restaurant. “Croaker was a man from Jackson Ward who moved up to Harlem and opened a restaurant he called Croaker’s Spot. His story inspired me, and that’s one of the reasons we call our place Croaker’s Spot.”

Eggleston, who comes from a family of restaurateurs, is unequivocal when asked what the best dish in his restaurant is: “The Eggleston’s Fried Fish Boat, served smothered in green peppers and onions with steamed red potatoes and hot cornbread dipped in our hot-buttered soul sauce washed down with lemonade!” But the renowned seafood dishes aren’t all Croaker’s Spot has to offer: they serve a selection of scrumptious sandwiches and breakfast dishes all day.

“As a restaurateur, it’s hard to beat Old Towne; the cobblestone streets, the restaurant community, the antique shops…you just gotta fall in love with what you see down here!” Eggleston says. “And I think we fit in well because we built up from scratch – all our food is homemade, and we serve it with that good Southern hospitality.”