Since coming to Virginia in the late 1970’s, the owners of Brothers Pizza, the Buffa family, have been committed to providing high-quality dining experiences to its patrons. Named in honor of Tony and his brother, they opened their family Italian restaurant on Cox Road in Dinwiddie. “We were born in this area. It’s our home,” says Sal Buffa, Tony’s son, who remembers scampering around the restaurant as a child. Sal and his brother have inherited the business from their father and uncle. “We try and do a lot to give back to our community.”

When asked about the family’s propensity for becoming restaurateurs, Sal smiles and says, “It’s kind of fate, you know? We all grew up in the restaurants. I started working at Brothers when I was 13, and I was managing a restaurant when I was 19 or 20. I just always wanted to be like my dad.” At Brothers, they serve many other Italian dishes in addition to their pizza. All their dishes are prepared with homemade bread from the Buffa family bakery and customers end their meals with sumptuous Italian desserts like cannoli and tiramisu.

In keeping with the family tradition, Brothers Pizza epitomizes friendly service, family values, and the utmost dedication to their labor of love: serving customers. Just one visit to Brothers Pizza will have you feeling like a member of the Buffa family.