The Cultural Center of India is a 20,000-square-foot facility with a banquet hall, foyer, dining room and kitchen. The facility also has a professional sound system and a main hall with a 2,000-square-foot stage where groups can host performances.


Main Hall
8000 sq. ft. with a dance floor, a 1400 sq. ft. performing stage with changing rooms, 1450 sq.ft of main entrance foyer. An office and a classroom. It is equipped with state of the art sound and lighting systems.

Dining Hall
5000 sq. ft. dining hall with restrooms and classroom.

A fully furnished commercial kitchen.

The Entrance Foyer
The Entrance Foyer is glass fronted with the Office right side of the entrance doors and a public telephone. Men and women rooms are provided on left side of the entrance doors. The Manager’s Office is accessed from the foyer.

The Stage
The wooden stage is 30 ft. deep and 60 ft. wide with a 20ft. high proscenium. A fixed back wall forms the cyclorama.

The front of stage curtain is a red velour, which is manually operated from the station on stage left. In front of the stage curtain is a fire curtain, which can be lowered to separate the stage from the auditorium in the event of a fire.

Dressing Rooms
At stage level there are 2 dressing rooms areas on either side of the stage containing enough space to accommodates 5 performers. There is vanity with full mirror.

Stage Lighting
A Melange Memory Lighting Controller, with cue capacity 439 on 128 channels controls the stage lighting.