Taylor Made Chocolate is a bean to bar artisan chocolate company, which purchases its chocolate fair trade chocolate from small scale cocoa farmer coops in Haiti. This helps to reduce the practice of slave labor common in the cocoa industry.  Steve Taylor says, “chocolate is a complex fruit, with as many different flavor profiles as coffee or wine”. Visitors who come for the chocolate tasting & tour are presented 4 chocolates with the same percentage of cocoa from different regions of the world to experience just a few profile differences in cacao. The artisan chocolate confections are created in small batches using the chocolate made in-house from cacao beans. Tours begin with the hand-sorting of the beans and go through the entire multi-step manufacturing process. Taylor Made is now producing signature truffles flavored with the vineyard’s own wine for Ashton Creek Vineyard in Chester. A wonderful tour AND you eat chocolate!

Tours:  $12 – Adults / $8 – Children / Free – Children 3 & under