From My Porch To Peru is at Wonder City Bakery.

As you know, I get to taste a lot of food… this morning’s “arduous” task was to check out the new bakery in Hopewell and one of the treats I tasted is quite frankly the best cheesecake I’ve ever had. I was excited to be invited back into the kitchen to watch owner Trish Honaker at work and to chat with her about the business. Not only do I have enormous respect for female small business owners (having also been one myself) but I also love their stories. Trish was a Legal Analyst in Richmond until recently, but her passion for baking led her to realize that she might just want to pursue it as a living. So she swapped office life for long hours in the kitchen and wow, does she know how to bake. I’m not usually one to order cheesecake but there was something about the wild blueberries and the way that it was front and center in the case that made me think that this was something special that I needed to try. I gathered a selection of goods to photograph and ultimately could not resist trying the cheesecake right there and then. Lighter than usual, not too sweet and with a lovely crust and a gorgeous wild blueberry topping, it is sublime. You know what else? To me, the flavor profile of any dish gets elevated even further when you hear the story behind its creator. Attention to detail is everywhere in her shop, from the sprinkle of salt on the chocolate chip cookies (perfect!) to the wall of lovely greeting cards and candles that you may just need too, to the amazing cup of very high quality Early Grey Tea I enjoyed.