This iconic diner in Hopewell has been in existence since 1927. Current owner, Mary Sue Krout, also known as “The Hot Dog Queen” has owned the diner since 2008. In fact it has been a part of her life much longer as she has been eating here since she was at High School in the late Sixties. In 2018 they sold almost 36,000 hot dogs, their staple lunch item. It’s not the only item on the menu however, you’ll find all your favorite classic diner dishes here. Serving breakfast and lunch only, they open their doors at 5:30am for hungry workers looking to start their day off with a hearty breakfast. Friendly service and great food in a small space adorned with Hopewell memorabilia, it’s a must-visit in Hopewell. They even had their own Jeopardy question, the answer for which hangs by the front door!